Hi, I am Chris Mwaniki, founder and principal operator of the ultimate safari company, specializing in first-class services to adventurers, in particular catering to professional photographers and videographers. We are located in Nairobi, Kenya and are willing to travel with you throughout Kenya and neighbouring countries.

We can offer you top notch game-viewing safaris, but we pride ourselves in trekking where other safari operators do not dare to go and offer cultural safaris, visiting tribes of your choice, some of which live as we all did, thousand (or more) years ago.

May we suggest that you visit the Maasai, the Daasanach, the Taita, the Samburu,the Rendille, the Turkana, the El Molo, the Gabra, the Borana people, and others (as per your request).

We can customize your safaris to include both ethnographic and game viewing experiences. We strive to minimize time spent on the road in order to enhance your visit. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective; profit comes second. We exist because of repeat and reference business of our satisfied customers.

We offer services that a traditional, purely profit-oriented safari company simply cannot offer. We have better equipment than others; we take more explorative risks than others, and we understand the needs of photo and video professionals. We do not stop until these needs are satisfied. Our rates remain competitive, although we subject ourselves and our equipment to significant wear and tear.

The trips we undertake are planned and customized with the needs and comforts of our patrons in mind, and can be modified on the fly, logistics permitting.

We assume that our patrons excel in their photo and video business and we will not advise them on the equipment they should carry. However, we suggest that you bring along at least one extra of your favourite tripod heads (photo and/or video), joined to a Manfrotto-style clamp. During the trips you can attach such tripod head(s) to our vehicles, so that you can use our cars as tripods, both from inside and outside of the car. Whenever legally possible, we will always position the vehicle so as to maximize the quality of images taken; we will then switch off the engine to ensure the ultimate image stabilization.

If all this stirs your imagination and you would like to try us out, contact me. My friends just call me Mwaniki. Plan your trip a bit in advance: we are normally fully booked. If I do not respond immediately, it means that I am on a trip somewhere, beyond the reach of Internet. In any case: be patient -- I will respond.

Rest assured: You will have an amazing trip !!

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