We all come from Africa. It sits in us, in our DNA, in more ways than we can immediately tell.

For example: Suppose you wanted to study arts, particularly of painting landscapes. You might then ask: what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing painting of a landscape?

If you went to the fine art school, they would teach you a list of generic canons for painting landscapes.

Things like: the terrain should be somewhat articulated, partially wooded, colourful, your viewpoint somewhat elevated (to give you an instinctive feeling of safety by being able to scrutinize your immediate neighbourhood), etc., etc.

Statistically speaking, landscapes coming from Africa are most likely to meet all (or most) of these criteria. Just look!

Maasai Mara 2015

Here are some shots of Maasai Mara, Kenya, taken in May 2015. We just exploited various opportunities of illumination.

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Some older shots taken when passing from the Lowveldt to Highveldt via the Blyde River Canyon, cut through Drakensberg Mountains. South Africa, 2000.

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